• Date: 21-25 April 2022
  • Venue: ICC Tainan
  • Booth no.: A236

For CTMS 2022, an exhibition of the intelligent manufacturing industry is created in an active way to promote Industry 4.0 for the industry community and the general public to better understand the intelligent manufacturing industry and enhance the upgrade of local industry and exchange of business opportunities in machinery.

The grand event, Tainan Commercial Times Automatic Machinery Exhibition, has exhibition sections:
  • Metal processing machinery
  • Automatic control and transmission and detection equipment
  • Industrial machinery and related equipment
  • Hardware tools and components
  • Storage and transportation logistics equipment
  • Software and media
  • Intelligent manufacturing

Learn more information about CTMS 2022, please feel free to check out the official website: https://cec.ctee.com.tw/ctms/tainan-en/

Ann Way is looking forward to seeing you at 2022 CTMS in Tainan.