Product Name : Tool Locking Device
  • To be used for fixing the tools on the tool holder.
  • Horizontal or vertical locking device selection is for quick and simple operations.
Model No.Taper ShankWeight (kg)
BT30 鎖刀座 (BT30-100-000) MAS403-BT 4.10
BT40 鎖刀座 (BT40-100-001) 4.20
BT50 鎖刀座 (BT50-100-003) 8.90
SK30 鎖刀座 (SK30-100-000) SK-DIN69871A 4.10
SK40 鎖刀座 (SK40-100-001) 4.20
SK50 鎖刀座 (SK50-100-003) 8.90
CAT30 鎖刀座 (CAT30-100-000) CAT 4.10
CAT40 鎖刀座 (CAT40-100-001) 4.20
CAT50 鎖刀座 (CAT50-100-003) 8.90

Unit: mm