Product Name : DCMNN 45 Inclined Turning Holder (For external turning and facing)
HSK-T Series
Product Description
  • Each turning holder is assembled a coolant supply unit.
  • The nozzle of coolant supply unit could be adjusted
  • The maximum pressure of coolant supply unit is 1.5MPa
  • Notice: To use on the machine with CTS system, the liquid will be possible to spurt from the spindle as the wrong operation. Therefore, it must be used with coolant supply unit together. => refer to P162
Model No.LInsertsPinShimWrenchScrewClampWrenchWeight (kg)
HSK63T DCMNN-100 100 CN..1204.. MLP46-A CMS432 PL25 MS630 MC620 PL30 1.70
HSK63T DCMNN-140 140 2.70

Unit: mm